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Aftercare Instructions

Each client is given a specific, customized aftercare kit.
Please follow the instructions that were given to you at your appointment carefully and in their entirety. Deviation from these after-care steps may cause poor retention, pigment loss, irreversible trauma, or scarring to the area. 

What To Expect
Immediately treatment, it is normal to feel a sunburned sensation, followed by dry, itchy, or tender skin. Brows will appear darker and bolder for a couple days after the appointment. During healing, they can lighten up to 30-40% and shrink in size. Full healing process both externally and internally takes approx. 30-35 days (longer for mature skin). As your skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates, you will notice color change, disappear, and reappear as they settle. Color may flake off and appear softer and less visible but will slowly reappear over the next few weeks. This is all normal, and why two appointments is necessary. Be patient and know that this is part of the expected healing process.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful healed results at your touch-up visit!
Xo Aimi



Immediately After Leaving the Studio:

Your brows will feel tender and look darker than anticipated. There may be some stinging, swelling, slight burning or itching - this is normal and will take a few hours to settle. Make sure your hands, glasses, and anything possible touching your face are wiped clean of bacteria.

Please be careful not to touch your beautiful new brows!


Leave sealant cream on throughout the day until bedtime. 

Gently wash the brows once before bed with clean lukewarm water and gentle cleanser (provided). DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA) or exfoliants. With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows. Rub the area in a smooth motion for five seconds and rinse with clean water ensuring that all soap is rinsed away. Gently pat the brows dry - DO NOT RUB THEM. Let them air dry out completely for 30-60 seconds and then apply a rice grain size amount of ointment with a clean Q-Tip and spread it across the treated area. Be sure not to over-apply, as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. The ointment should be barely noticeable on the skin. Never put ointment on wet or damp eyebrows. 


Repeat this process for the next 4-10 days AM/PM or until flaking begins.

After flaking begins (usually day 4), leave the brows alone and do not wash or apply ointment as to not disrupt the flaking. Some light flaking/scabs is very normal, thick scabbing is not. If any flaking occurs, DO NOT pick or scratch them. Allow them to flake and fall off naturally. It is essential that you resist the urge to touch, pick, or scratch the treated area, as this can cause pigment loss or possible scarring. Oily skin type may not flake at all, this is normal. At day 10 your brows should be completely healed on the surface. Discontinue washing/applying ointment but keep the products with you for your touch-up! 

*If you are a side sleeper, make sure to wash your pillowcase to lower risk of infection and avoid sleeping on your face while your brows are healing. This can cause them to prematurely pull off scabs and effect your retention.

Things to Avoid During Healing
Please remember that even after following your 10 days of aftercare, your brows are still healing internally. Please make sure to avoid the following for the FULL 14 days: 

  • Avoid increased hot sweating, strenuous activity for AT LEAST 7-10 days.
    If scabs still present, try to avoid until they fall off. 

  • Avoid long hot showers, saunas, steam for the first 14 days.

  • Avoid getting your brows/forehead wet outside of instructed for the first 10-14 days (pools, lake/oceans, jacuzzis).

  • Do not pick, scratch or peel the healing area. This will pull the ink out permanently and cause scarring.

  • No lotion, non-gentle cleansers, or makeup should be applied to the brows for at least 14 days or they are done flaking. If you choose to wear foundation, or eye makeup, completely avoid the brow area. Makeup is full of bacteria and can cause infection. Only the ointment provided should be used on the brows throughout the healing process.

  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning for 4 weeks after procedure while your brows are healing as natural UVB/UVA rays can pose risk of discoloration. Wear a hat when outdoors. 

  • Avoid sunscreen on the area while healing. When brows are FULLY HEALED, wearing an SPF will prevent discoloration and fading. This will help them stay true to color, crisp, and vibrant. Protect your investment!
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  • No facials, botox, chemical treatment or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks. 

  • Avoid Retin-A, retinol, tretinoin, vitamin A, or oils on forehead at any point after having brows done.

In The Next 30 Days
(during and post healing)

Continue to minimize sun exposure. Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area (fraxel laser, IPL), because they can destroy the pigment and cause burns. Exfoliating and skin lightening products (chemical peels, fruit acids, alpha & beta hydroxy acids) promote ink loss, these products should be avoided on the treated area. Any form of topical Vitamin A should be avoided on the forehead altogether. Facial oils and natural skin oils on the forehead will result in blurred hair strokes over time. Always let your esthetician know of any permanent makeup procedures before receiving peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion, light therapies, or lasering services.Tanning bed use or excessive UV ray exposure at any point after having eyebrows tattooed will result in discoloration and fading.

Signs and symptoms that indicate the need to seek medical care: Excessive redness, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site. Please contact your physician at first sign of an infection or adverse reaction and report to your artist and DSHS at (512) 834-6711. Apply an antibiotic cream and use sterile bandage(s) when necessary.

 Please email with any questions or concerns.  

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