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Beautyprenuer & Artist

Aimi LaMattery

Aimi LaMattery, the founder of Earth Sign Beauty, is a brow and clean beauty connoisseur who specializes in a type of microblading technique known as "micro-feathering" and combo brows. This technique is used to create a less invasive and more natural looking brows for clients. 

Aimi's passion for everything brows + beauty began as a teenager who like many, was trying to figuring out how to tweeze and groom her own brows. It soon became quite an obsession of hers and she quickly realized how just one single pluck of hair can transform the shape of your entire eyebrows! Through many trial and errors, from the overplucked 90s brows, to thick and bold, and now featuring a more clean and natural look, Aimi has mastered the "arch" of brows. She is excited to share her knowledge in both brows + clean beauty products. 


Aimi is a mom of two wildling boys, an astrology nerd, plant hoarder, DIYer, sushi lover, and an island girl at heart. Although she loves to pop out occasionally to see what the night life has to offer, her true happiness is found at home snuggling up with her boys.

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